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Nha Xinh Company, formerly known as F.Architect Design Workshop, was established in 1997 by experienced architects. With the guidance of architects. Pham Vinh (Founder - Sn: 1945), Nha Xinh Company was officially established and operated in the field of

Temp Street Floors

Information architecture beautiful house

Please introduce to readers a sample of high-floor apartment with airy space for you to see through to some that can solve the difficulties that narrow land fund has brought to your house, just beautiful cool. Let's see how beautiful it appears.


For street houses of narrow width and with a facade, the floor is now a "salvation" that architects have ingeniously applied to the architecture, not only It is a beautiful way that it is also an effective solution to create ventilation and light for all spaces.

Floating space is understood as the empty space in the house works like a well. The effect of cascading is not only the value of beauty, but also many other benefits such as creating a spacious space, creating a wide viewing angle, good ventilation.

This is a level of ventilation with light and air filled, the architect left a clear area of ​​1-2 m to circulate air. In addition, for narrower houses or mezzanine rooms, the floor space creates a feeling of height and width. Along with that role is the natural light for the elevator and convection of the main air for the house. Making the ground floor for the family's media area is also very spacious and comfortable.

Working corner of the home, using four surfaces are glass walls work to ensure privacy in the work, sound insulation, external insulation is very good, in addition to the host at this angle is still there. It can observe all activities of the remaining room. Spacious open space is the main factor to put on top so everything here is very much reduced.

 It's easy to spot the fact that space is also a place for the beauty of the whole house, so it's designed to be attractive and appealing to the interior and enhance the aesthetic value. for your living space. Under the floor is usually a small lake and arranged a few ornamental plants to decorate living space more lively or can give priority to decorate a "landscape garden" dry decoration, help mental relaxation After the stressful working hours. read more

White ceiling under the floor tiles white, eliciting the cool, pleasant when entering the room, instead of heavy air, pressure on work increased. The middle of the room is a long wooden table with sharp natural wood color, simple but still enough to create luxury, dignified owner, no difference in the office of the company director. . Extensive help desk owner computer, the profile is comfortable, the upper is a stylish and stylish ceiling lamp with bright white stainless steel with LED light bulb inside, emit delicate light source for The work area here.

True to what the owner requires, architects care is quite thorough and meticulous care in every centimeter, even the smallest angle that few people see. Not every room work, every space in the house is KTS layout of fresh green plants look good eye-catching and cool. Just simple lines so that right at the corridor, stairs are enough to soften the feeling of narrow, light colors and curved lines is a good choice for reference. Floor tiles in the outside area is a laminate flooring industry with lighter colors to harmonize with the overall harmony. read more nha xinh company

The living space becomes airy, the sunlight can crease into the house with the cool wind from down to each room inside, just reduce the feeling of empty house and bring fresh air for every family members are the best. Placing the negative lights on the ceiling are arranged everywhere, to help the space is illuminated, to avoid the lack of light, not as bright as the modern eye-catching chandeliers, but also less volatile. flexible and luxurious for your home. Place the ancestral altar in the quietest part of the ground floor, away from the noisy areas of the other rooms that affect the spirituality and fortune of the host.


Everywhere is so well done by the architects, the bedroom is slightly open to maximize the windows and doors, utilizing the good air flow from the side of the house, help The room is full of light and airy. Understanding customer psychology, architects have designed the bedroom to follow a simple motif, but not too simple but just enough and the simple things that create a style. modern, no less luxurious. To match the layout of the layout for the gray glass wall with a 65-inch curved TV and wireless speaker Samsung HW-H7501 8.1 audio. Wireless speakers should create a neat and sophisticated room but still ensure the sound quality when homeowners watch movies or listen to music. Bed with direct view of a small courtyard is designed open above to light the room with the wall covered with green trees, create joy, freshness, feeling soaring, close and friendly to the presence of the green color layout on the lam lam instead of concrete walls are closed. Planted in rows of predefined rows of trees, the space between the convection air, below the clean back, is considered one of the fun relaxing after hours. Straightforward is also very rewarding.

The toilet is integrated in the room with a very clear division and proportional to the general layout of the general from design details to the surrounding furniture, there is also a view of the yard garden is very is beautiful. Thanks to the shiny feature of white porcelain, this narrow room has become spacious, airy and strangely spacious. Wardrobes are also placed in a space to save space that has just been used.

Set up a relaxing space of the family after dinner together extremely impressive, surrounded by a system of soundproofing walls, blocking out the sound is very effective outside. Because of the walls, it is necessary to arrange the new wooden floor to fit the whole. Invest in a karaoke amplifier with Samsung Wireless Speaker TW-H5500 to enjoy the passion of music. The cordless tower speaker provides neat, roomy, deep bass thanks to the built-in Woofer, which is well suited for Audiophile music that the homeowner loves most. The sofas set up here will serve the relaxation needs of homeowners and family members singing together all night freely and freely without compromising anyone's pulse. around.

Read more: https://tapchikientrucsu.blogspot.com/

Office Building Design MS Thao in District 2, Ho Chi Minh city

Office Building Design MS Thao in District 2, Ho Chi Minh city

Growing in the direction of home-based offices, more and more designer houses and private companies have emerged and become more popular. Because this type of architecture is quite useful, convenient for doing business in the family. Typical for this model is the design of her office in Thao District 2.

thiet ke nha pho van phong, nha pho dep

Properly standard style of a professional office work, the design model of the city combines the company show up with a luxurious, polite and very intellectual. Downstairs is reserved for work, business and upper floors are residential area, family activities. Entrance to the lobby is designed step through the high stairs occupy half of the facade. The remaining area is the passageway leading down to the parking lot. This design saves space and space for the home and is convenient for car parking for office workers and families.

quay tiep tan nha pho dep, noi that dep

phong tiep khach nha pho dep, mau noi that dep

ban lam viec nha pho dep, thiet ke noi that

goc lam viec nha pho dep, trang tri noi that

mau van phong nha pho dep, thiet ke noi that dep

noi that phong lam viec nha pho dep, trang tri noi that dep

phong lam viec mau nha pho dep, noi that nha pho

A luxurious and polished office with a modern, modern design. Quite spacious and spacious, the space is bright enough and full of energy to serve the landlord and staff work best. Do not forget to put in the pots of trees to fresh air and more impressive room. In addition, the architects also arrange and display the interior of the office is quite reasonable and scientific. The desks and computers for the staff are neatly placed on one side for spacious walkways. The other side is the reception area, which serves as a welcoming place and welcomes customers to the office. read more nha dep nha xinh

Elegant and bright colors are not too cool or dazzling. Follow the motifs of the rental offices that you often see, the first factor to mention is that it is professional and modern, showing the face of the company and the owner. Therefore, the architects have carefully considered the choice of colors and interior design to suit. The walls are white and one side is lined with very dark brown wood floors. The desk area of ​​the staff is very nice green carpet to separate the corridor, walk. Desks, shelves, chairs are all high-class items of famous brands, quality.

phong khach mau nha pho dep, noi that dep

thiet ke phong khach mau nha pho dep, mau noi that dep

mau phong khach nha pho dep, thiet ke noi that

mau thiet ke phong lam viec nha pho dep, trang tri noi that

Ground floor space is designed exclusively for staff working. The second floor is the office of the home and reception room. Quite courteous and formal, a room filled with light by the installation of full electric lights, ceiling lights are arranged widely and regularly to bring home the most comfortable at work. . Floors are used for laminate flooring and the shelves or desks of homeowners are also used from wood to create a uniform finish. Particularly for the sofa set for reception guests have a simple but elegant design combined pretty graceful with glass table.

In order to make the space more spacious and airy, the architects carefully removed the unnecessary walls, leaving plenty of room for them and placing many of them in a glass exterior to take advantage of the natural light. . This material is also soundproof and the heat is also very good.

ban cong nha pho dep, noi that nha dep

tieu canh nha pho dep, noi that nha xinh

Step up to the third is the living space of the family. Pressure work makes people vulnerable to headaches, stress so homeowners want to integrate in their utility home a nice little garden to sit relaxed, without having to spend time out. out. Meeting the needs of customers, the architects took advantage of the gaps to incorporate fresh green plants, colorful flower pots along the balcony and stylized walls into the shelves. Next, place a soft, light blue sofa and a round wooden table with three graceful legs for the owner and family members to sit and rest.

nha bep nha pho dep, noi that dep

The dining area is narrow but still very airy. Do not place too many items that everything is selected and presented very scientific and orderly. Because the area is not allowed, the layout should be calculated. Wooden furniture with white cushions in harmony with the color tiles tiles on the floor and walls to create a consistent space in color. The kitchen is designed in the shape of letter I and have shelves placed sound to the wall to save space, in line with the general layout of the room.

thiet ke phong lam viec nha pho dep, trang tri noi that dep

noi that phong lam viec nha pho, mau thiet ke noi that

phong lam viec noi that nha pho dep, noi that nha pho

phong lam viec lau 2 nha pho dep, noi that

mau phong lam viec lau 2 nha pho dep, noi that dep

A work space filled with energy and light accompanied by fresh air, pleasant, cool will help employees in the company work better. The large glass door system faces the work area to maximize the natural light that shines in the room and help the homeowner save money. Moreover, the office facade is also the working style of the company, the class of homeowners. A professional and polite environment will contribute to the elegant and aesthetic taste of the people. 

phong hop lon nha pho dep, thiet ke noi that

mau phong hop lon nha pho dep, trang tri noi that

phong hop nho nha pho dep, mau thiet ke noi that

thiet ke noi that phong lam viec nha pho dep, trang tri noi that

mau thiet ke nha xinh, nha pho dep, noi that dep

kien truc nha xinh, nha dep, noi that nha xinh

mau thiet ke nha, nha xinh, noi that nha dep

The meeting room is closed in the elegant and elegant space of the multi-purpose house. Everything is arranged very scientifically, neatly in a logical and scientific order. Each row of tables is spaced apart to leave the path. Ceiling lights and drop lamps are installed on the ceiling to ensure adequate lighting for the staff. The beauty of the room is that the wall paintings are quite lively, suitable for the style of work.

nha ve sinh toilet nha pho dep, noi that dep

mau toilet nha ve sinh nha pho dep, mau noi that

The restrooms are airy and designed minimalist. Sometimes, removing unnecessary details and using less will help make the room more scientific and tidy. The sanitary areas of the men and women are separated by concrete walls. Wash your hands to the wall and brown enameled floor tiles to keep the room clean.

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Beautiful 4th Floor Design Mr Thang in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

Beautiful 4th Floor Design Mr Thang in Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

If you are a trendy, trendy and youthful, dynamic designer, the beautiful 4-storey townhouse design of Thang Long will be an ideal model for a perfect living space. Suffering from basic to advanced human needs. Right now, let's go to visit and admire the beauty of Nha Xinh architechture.

thiet ke nha pho dep 4 tang anh thang

gara nha pho, nha pho dep

Overlooking, this townhouse design shows up with elegant and elegant beauty. The overall consists of a ground floor and 3 floors are designed quite solid and solid. In the upper two floors, there is a slab of reinforced concrete pillars running along one side of the house, while the balcony on the upper floors is planted with trees.

In Saigon, the construction of a space dedicated parking space is very necessary and safe, convenient for the travel of the home. Taking care of this, the architects arranged a spacious and spacious basement for homeowners to park their cars right in their homes without having to take the car.

toilet wc gara nha pho, mau noi that dep

Compact bathroom, narrow area so the interior decoration to the simple, only the necessary items to create spacious and spacious. Floors dark brown tiles to keep clean room clean. read more : http://thietkenhadepvn.pro

This is a beautiful 4-storey townhouse

quay tiep tan nha pho, noi that nha pho

The living room is also the main office of the company at home for the work of homeowners. Decorated and designed in the style of a professional office work and luxurious, polite, overwhelmed with light. With the harmonious color scheme and the layout of the necessary items, the space left will make the room more airy and spacious. read more: https://nhaxinhcenter.com.vn/

phong tiep khach nha pho dep, mau noi that dep

mau phong tiep khach nha pho, thiet ke noi that

thiet ke phong tiep khach nha pho, noi that nha xinh

The living room is considered as the face of the house and home. Therefore, the space in this area is always focused and invested carefully. Centrally located in the house, the guest rooms are designed elegantly and elegantly, reflecting the high aesthetic value and class of the host. From furniture to decorative items and architecture are very complete. A perfect space from material to paint, light are harmonious with each other. The sofa with the same color as the background combined quite well with a small round white table. The back wall of the chair is stylized ripples to create a focal point in the picture here.

In modern interior architecture, simplicity is honored. The amount of color is small but clear. A room that can be used hot, or cold or neutral depending on the taste and aesthetics of the owner. The colors seem as contrasting as white, black red, yellow is the color of the color, showing the modern beauty of the individual details. For example, the shelf not only acts as a place to store and display decorative items but also adds beauty to the house.

phong lam viec nha pho, noi that nha dep

mau phong lam viec nha pho, noi that nha pho dep

phong lam viec thiet ke nha pho, trang tri noi that

thiet ke nha, noi that nha dep, nha xinh

There is a space large enough for the work of homeowners. As a home office workplace with two rows of computers located along the walls, file cabinets and other electronic and work related machinery. All of them are displayed in orderly order, neatly to leave a wide path. read more design home: https://nhaxinhcenter1.blogspot.com/

In order to make the work more efficient, architects have to work very hard. Removing a wall and replacing it with a large glass window overlooking the courtyard is a small garden with a few flowers as decorations for the room more beautiful.

phong ngu nha pho dep, mau thiet ke noi thatphong ngu mau nha pho dep, thiet ke noi that

The bedroom is designed in a modern style with emphasis on airy, natural air and connecting the space in a harmonious, consistent and convenient way. In order to have a beautiful sleeping space, the idea requires the designer to have an overall view, suitable for the area used, as well as the personality and interests of the owner. Understanding the psychology of homeowners, the architect painted a beautiful and comfortable space. It is the harmony of colors and the modern interior of science, rational. Not fussy, ostentatious, everything in the room is very courteous and necessary. Impressive impression to contribute to the beautiful room is a picture of the wall with a picture of flowers blooming pink.

nha bep nha pho, mau noi that 

mau nha bep nha pho, noi that dep

ban an, mau nha pho dep, mau noi that dep

mau ban an, nha pho dep, noi that dep

The kitchen and dining room are located close together. The L-shaped design is very well suited to helping the larger space and space needed, while the cabinets are placed directly on the wall, with many small squares to hold the items. for cooking.

Simple wooden dining table combined with white cushioned wooden chairs with the same color as the floor makes the space synchronous and consistent. Press a light stroke into this space with a canvas wall paint to make room more impressive.

Another bedroom in a beautiful 4 storey townhouse

phong master nha pho dep, noi that nha xinh

mau phong master nha pho dep, noi that nha dep

noi that phong master nha pho, thiet ke noi that


phong ngu nha pho dep, mau thiet ke noi that

ke tu phong ngu nha pho dep, trang tri noi thatphong ngu noi that nha pho dep, mau thiet ke noi that depke tu thiet ke nha pho dep, mau noi that

An ideal bedroom space, easy to conquer both the hard-hearted hosts by unique and unique beauty. The flair in this modern space is made up of art sculptures, expressing the individuality and taste of the host. Prompted in the dark wood floors, white specimens with strange shapes, creating charm and arouse curiosity for people entering the room.

Each room will have its own unique interior. For the bedroom, nothing is more prominent than the bed. Its unique style blends in with the modern, Western-styled interior, which is a strikingly modern wooden backdrop with a high cushioned mattress.

Another bathroom

phong tam master nha pho dep, mau noi that dep

On each floor will be installed a separate toilet to facilitate the activities of members of the family. With a narrow area, the architects arranged a small corner to bathe in the glass room to help dry the room. The floor is covered with dark brown enameled tile for hygiene.



The bedroom of the large house owner is simpler design. A bed in the middle of the room near the side glass door to widen the view and make use of natural light as much as possible. These panels help bring light into the room so that the room is full of life.

Next to the wardrobe and a small table for decorative items. Add beauty to the house by painting wall. Towards beauty but not forgetting the comfort factor is something that the host is very satisfied. Arrange the TV in the room for children to watch the program, follow the news and have a small corner, a makeup table to meet the needs of users.


phong ngu con gai nha pho, noi that

mau noi that phong ngu con gai nha pho, thiet ke noi that

mau phong ngu con gai nha pho dep, mau noi that


thiet ke phong ngu con gai nha pho, mau noi that dep

Baby bedroom is designed quite eye-catching and lively. Particularly interested in small children, the owner wants the architects to design a bedroom as well as space for children to learn while playing to stimulate imagination and help her relax. Meet the aspirations of customers, the team of architects painted a room filled with fresh colors with familiar images, cute.

Guest lounge


phong sinh hoat chung mau nha pho dep, trang tri noi thatphong sinh hoat chung nha pho dep, thiet ke noi thatphong sinh hoat chung noi that nha pho, mau thiet ke noi that

There is an additional reception room located on the floor is decorated and designed quite tune. The cream white sofa is placed in the center of the house combined with a square wooden table, the ground floor is coordinated quite well. Opposite to set up the shelves to decorate items are quite unique and fancy.

toilet nha ve sinh wc nha pho dep, noi that dep

The restrooms are simple but fully furnished and fit the size of the room. The bath area is separated from the outside by glass doors to keep the room clean and dry.

Ancestral worship area


phong tho nha pho dep, thiet ke noi that depphong tho thiet ke nha pho dep, trang tri noi that dep

At the top is the chapel. This space is decorated quite seriously and solemnly according to the style of worship. This is home to the worshipers, incense smoke, grandparents and spiritual expression. With a simple interior decoration, the wooden altar with a rustic, traditional look and a Japanese-style table and chair.

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Townhouse Design Beautiful 4 Floor Mr. Nha in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province, Viet Nam

Townhouse Design Beautiful 4 Floor Mr. Nha in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province, Viet Nam

The glass house is one of the building tendencies that are making the wind the most popular homeowner today. Recognizing the flourishing flow of the contemporary architectural market, Nha Xinh Architects team has advised and designed 4-storey townhouse for Mr. Nha - owner of this house in the style of modern standards.

thiet ke nha pho dep 4 tang

Round the clock in modern architectural flow with countless different styles, in which the "glass-house" is one of the building tendencies that are "making the rain" a favorite today. Recognizing the flourishing flow of the contemporary architectural market, Nha Xinh Architects team has advised and designed 4-storey townhouse for Mr. Nha - owner of this house in the style of modern standards, elegant. read more nhaxinhcenter

The development of science and technology has made it easier for users to approach architectural trends. Besides the town house, traditional garden villas, Tudor style, ecological resort villas, townhouses, unique shape, the "glass house" is always the priority choice of home. master. By the first favorable criteria it is less "space" than the other models, while also convenient and aesthetics, simply to match the pace of life. Nha Xinh specific architects, Nha decided to choose this design to build a beautiful property on a beautiful avenue in the city of Bien Hoa (Dong Nai).

The glass house consists of 5 spacious floors with main glass windows that combine concrete and wood together with support. The high-rise house contains much space inside to serve the living needs of members of his family. The modern and dynamic beauty of the wood-framed resonance material breathes new vitality into the home. In contrast to the main house architecture, the fence protects the "high walled gates" without any gaps except for the very small portions of the timber gates for sunlight penetration. Proposed to be wide open on the ground floor because of glass lining around the side so the fence should be closed to ensure the privacy necessary to avoid looking outside. read more beautifull : http://thietkenhadepvn.pro

From the 2nd floor and above, the façades are all glass, but the upper two floors are also lined with solid wooden frames to protect the house from external factors and make architectural impressive. than. The L-shaped construction is not accidental, all intended to limit the heat of the sun's illumination. The retrogression and balcony are the solution to this problem, the heat insulation. Although this is a high-end, high-end specialty low-E glass, it has a very good reflective function but is unavoidable in hot weather during peak sunny days, especially for ozone. in the south.

With home designs using too much glass, human psychology is somewhat insecure fear of thieves intruding in easily. But you do not worry too much because this is a kind of tempered glass that is resistant to very high external forces that are not easily destroyed. Compared to conventional float glass, toughened glass has a higher thickness and durability that can withstand temperatures up to 2950 degrees Celsius. In addition, it is resistant to vibration, impact and wind. Such power and utility, in terms of form and color, are not controversial. Transparent glass, translucent, maximizes space and maximizes space connectivity.

Careful and complete, used glasses can not lack the curtains to accompany. The white curtain in addition to decorate the room more beautiful, also has the privacy function when the members of the living at the same time regulate the appropriate light when necessary. You can pull out when it's cool or sealed when it's hot.

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Beautiful 4-Storey Classic Villa MR Dang

Beautiful 4-Storey Classic Villa MR Dang

As advertised, this beautiful 4-storey villa is designed in a royal European style that is very classy, ​​showing the owner's position as well as becoming an architectural highlight in the residential area. . The land is so spacious that KTS can freely design and create the shape of this massive building block.

Only the main white color plus the very own characteristics of the classic style is enough to create attention without any additional colors. The fence is built very firmly on the outside, the inside of the campus and surrounding houses. Whether the main or minor side is well cared for in terms of form and vision. Only these monumental buildings can use the relief pattern - a peculiar feature of classical style.


Investor: Mr. Dang - Director of Thang Long Bridge Company
Category: Classical European Villas
Interior style: royal
Land area: 500 m2
The total cost of VND 36 billion includes:

Raw: 9.85 billion
Completion: 16.7 billion
Furniture: 5.45 billion
Garden: 2.5 billion
Intelligent power: 1.2 billion




From the outside, the whole class of European luxury villas, magnificent as a palace of the royal prince. This is the "giang painting" that many people dream of the owner of Dang family - director of Thang Long Bridge. With a unique design, innovation, not in the direction of cluttered, the villa is receiving much praise of people and even professionals in the industry also appreciate.

When entering the house, everyone must wonder when the home interior is so beautiful, luxury is a great owner with the desire to own the classic royal style. The family room is located on the ground floor, which is quietly separated by a stylized wall with the rest, beautiful interior with fine carvings, sharp and delicate to the millimeters. Not only that the color scheme is also pure and logical, creating a unified whole.



Dark purple of the sofa set prominent in the middle of the room is white brick in the middle of the brick with fancy patterns with gray and black tone prominent in the middle of the white background in the set. Choosing colors, taking the light so skillfully that the classic tones can "fit" with the common architecture and not be called "candles" or make people look confused. read more tap chi kien truc su viet nam





The interior is very delicate, reflecting the classic style of the home and the discerning class of homeowners. The ceiling is high-pressure beam, with many crystal designs attached shiny. Tables and chairs are new and unique design items dedicated to the classical architecture. The dining room and kitchen are merged into a common room, separated by the outside with mobile walls. The subtle elegance is greatly enhanced with the appearance of the bar at the corner. The color of the interior is very nice and the color scheme is quite stylish, fit together.

Dining area of the family




The gold color is matched to the main white color according to the wishes of the owner. If we pay close attention, we will realize that no part is empty. All of them are filled with art designs and decorative items such as objects, flowers .... with reasonable frequency, not too dense will counteract. The layout in the room is very balanced and harmonious.

Wine cabinets


Large wine closet is a significant addition to the kitchen in beauty. Even furniture items such as wine cabinets are still designed and selected quite tune, picky. All are neatly arranged. Here, homeowners can make a very welcoming reception.

Gym room




At the end of the house is the gym of the family with the equipment is very modern for the needs of fitness. Gyms for everyone in the family practice each day. Next to the small table for towels to serve the owner. With space not too large but still enough to allow homeowners comfortable living without having to spend time going to the club.

Area of each member




On the first floor is the living area of each member. This is the home office of the owner has been restocked a lot of classic details to the owner get the focus, comfortable relief when working. Window facing the front of the house so the room is always cool and full of light. In addition, the room is also equipped with a television set to allow family members to watch TV programs.

Family library




2nd floor puts the library of the family. Quiet space, beautiful furniture, large shelves containing a lot of books is not ideal for reading. This design, the reading room is like a bookcases built in the house. With white background color, cool will make people feel lighter. There are many books or reading needs.

Master rooms bring luxury






The noble jade is used for interior master rooms that stand out among the dominant white. The decor is simple but still does not dull the classic royal style of this beautiful villa. The location is just 2 part walls intersection so the bedroom will have 2 open space, very convenient.





The Jacuzzi tub is the only difference in the master room. Space spacious, airy with high-grade equipment. Classical items are displayed in all rooms. Although in the bathroom, but still look noble, separate. Walls are built with pressure brick floating pattern.

Bedroom furniture for guests




There are bedrooms for guests to sleep again. No other bedroom for family members, even the bedroom for guests, but still beautifully decorated and full of necessary amenities. Transparent glass windows help you look directly out of the garden. Make use of natural light to save and reconcile with the light in the room.




Next is the bedroom for women. Still bring the language design house beautiful classic compact but has been changed in color, properties to fit women used to not make the room becomes rough. The gray tone decreases the dullness due to the arrangement of the room light, so that the color of the interior achieves the highest harmony. There is something soft, soft plastic as soon as entering the room. Large space, brown tiled floor, white cabinets and beds, red curtains on either side.




There are toilets and private bathrooms for everyone in the family living, bathing. The bathroom is also covered with transparent glass to keep clean and dry for the room. Glass ventilation system, wash the face placed next to the entrance.



Finally, the fourth floor is the chapel of the family. This is where worshipers worship, worship their grandparents, ancestors to show gratitude and remember. With a small space, there is a wooden altar and a small table next to it. In general, this 4-storey classic mansion is a royal, aristocratic but still no less modern.

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Modern Villa Singapore 200m2 of Mr. Chien in Street No 13, Binh Tan ditrict, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

Modern Villa Singapore 200m2 of Mr. Chien in Street No 13, Binh Tan ditrict, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

Along with the design trend of Thai roofs, modern Singapore villas are a strong trend in the current time. The characteristic of this style is the open motif and shady trees. This is because the national lion island is famous in the world as "clean country", environment friendly.

A preview of the Modern Villa in Singapore

The house structure consists of three blocks arranged together. Two blocks are taller than the L-shaped one and the main one is in the middle. From the appearance, the appearance of the villa has a difference compared to other houses in the same area. If the design of American-style houses or Western European countries are more concerned with interior design, the Singaporean style is focused on the exterior space. That is why the appearance is elaborately polished. In particular, the architecture of Sin is always accompanied by green vegetation. More or less, they can not be missed in and out of the home.

The two front facade is an advantage to show the beauty of the house in many angles. To exploit this strength, Nha Xinh Architects has created a luxurious, elegant and modern property that made Mr. Chien feel very satisfied. The entrance gate fence is about two thirds of the ground floor, consisting of large, small concrete pillars lined up to reveal certain segments of the building block that are not surrounded by constraints. . Along the fence, the green planted inside, the roses grow outside and contribute to the green color and create a very charming countryside on the street.


The bright white fence stands out with its modern, tranquil beauty, which goes inside the three main halls, and is designed in a different color. Solid wood, fashionable in steel and steel resonance and transparent glass with maximum space connection function. In the ground floor, all the rooms surround to the entire glass is intended to reconcile the artificial space with life in nature. Pure Vietnamese architecture combined with Sin towards simple, environmentally friendly and human health is the focus.

Up to the second floor is the living space of the members of the family. The middle of the building is very open and spacious, but without glass, it is transformed into a steel material that is heated at high temperatures. Although the look is still very fragile but very hard and sturdy to protect the house in balance. At night, when the light shines through tiny hexagonal cells, the space of the house becomes shimmering. This is also a distinctive feature of the beautiful mansion. read more biet thu dep viet nam

The two side houses stand out with modern colors and fancy designs. Interwoven glass, wood and concrete together with a longitudinal stripe in the front to create eye-catching eye. The two roofs are styled on top and under the same diagonal style as Thai style roof. Outward windows for sunshine and wind easily spill into the cooling space and give the world the interior of a soulful room, full of life.

The two rows are of the same design with the front blanket highlighting the characteristic beauty while shielding the privacy while the members living inside the glass use the whole. At the top is the terrace for planting flower, bonsai for the owner "fun filled" to take care of the beautiful garden. To serve the needs of relaxation, to clear the whole, black iron ceiling radiate out in 4 directions to receive the sun and wind suitable.

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Beautiful Modern Villa Design MS Thanh Ha, Ditrict 7, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

Beautiful Modern Villa Design MS Thanh Ha, Ditrict 7, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

The beautiful modern villa of owner MS Thanh Ha located in District 7, Ho Chi Minh city is one of the designs beautiful house typical modern style, fresh. Meet the needs of homeowners, architects of Nha Xinh company we spent a lot of time to study and design this beautiful house.


Modern style villa with European style design airy space to attract people to look into the villa area for living room quite spacious. Wood floors are light in color, the furniture in the room is arranged evenly to fill the gaps and not to unbalance the layout of the house. With a white sofa set that pops up between the small table, sweeping over the black floor as a highlight of the room.

In particular, the room spread a blue velvet carpet like the design of the interior of the neoclassical style villas are often used to enhance the luxury and splendor of the room. TV shelf in low position to match the view of the host and guests sitting in the chair and the ground. At the corner of the wall is the shelves for ornaments.

The Livingroom


noi that phong khach hien dai, biet thu dep, noi that nha xinh

mau noi that phong khach, biet thu hien dai, nha xinh

The living room is connected to other rooms via the walkway system. Stretching along the width and depth of the land, the architects have arranged rooms in a single body that is seamless and linked together rather than block and isolate too clearly. If you enter this mansion, you will be surprised and do not know all the way to the rest room. Although not completely different, each room has its own private space, reflecting the aesthetics of the modern school. read more phong thuy viet nam 2018

The kitchenroomthiet ke phong bep dep, noi that dep, cong ty nha xinh

The kitchenroom is designed fancy and full of creativity. Taking advantage of the living room space, the dining area is arranged neatly on one corner of the house near the big hinges. Simple interior decoration, wooden furniture set in brown tone very harmonious with the space of the room. Facing the dining table is the kitchen area. By eliminating the confusing details, the kitchen is designed in the L shape to save room area. Due to the architectural style of the villa, the built-in design of the L kitchen is a good choice. The TV that is not hanging on the shelf hanging directly to the wall also help space is expanded. This integrated room lighting system is distributed throughout to provide full light, ensuring the light source of the entire room.

noi that phong ngu dep, noi that hien dai, mau nha xinh

The bedroom is designed quite simple, not too much clutter help clean air space and clean. Use calm tone, rustic but still up to the modern style, stylish. Using the entire floor with a classic ceramic tile, it does not lose the modern beauty of the house, a perfect choice and a good combination for decoration. The highlight in this room is the back of the bed wall designed to reveal a passage to the two sides of the room and use 2 grams of gray, white to highlight 2 picture hanging above. A simple, warm rest room helps the owner to rest comfortably after long days of fatigue in the most effective way.

thiet ke phong tam hien dai, noi that phong tam, noi that nha xinh

The bathroom is designed minimalist and comfortable. In the door, the architects Nha Xinh company arranged a white porcelain bath that hugged the wall. A small wall separation to dry and wet space, left to go to put two white porcelain washbowl on the black shelf. Do not display too many modern furniture to crowded the room, the arrangement of the necessary items in the right place to help layout of the room becomes more open though the area is not too spacious but sufficient Homeowners move and live in the best way.


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