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Nha Xinh Company, formerly known as F.Architect Design Workshop, was established in 1997 by experienced architects. With the guidance of architects. Pham Vinh (Founder - Sn: 1945), Nha Xinh Company was officially established and operated in the field of

Modern Villa of Mrs Phuong Trinh in District 7, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

Modern Villa of Mrs Phuong Trinh in District 7, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

biet thu hien dai quan 7 co phuong trinh

The whole architecture of the house is built with simple but very ingenious lines in every corner to reveal the beauty hidden in the architecture of the house that we can not imagine , emphasizing the curious attention of the people here. Set up two doors to facilitate homeowners move most convenient. Spending the front yard is a relaxing amusement space for the children and at the same time making the family's garage area with spacious entrance doors, helping the car move the most easily. Made entirely from iron frames with very high strength, high security gate to protect the whole house in the safest way. read more tong hop thiet ke nha dep

2nd floor is built on the ground floor to create a unique and more solid. Taking advantage of the vacant space on the owner's house for the planting of green trees, the undulating greenery of the park makes the overall architecture look more beautiful and impressive.

phong khach mau biet thu dep co phuong trinh

The living room of this modern villa is arranged in a spacious space. The horizontal area, the interior of the room is selected in the size of the low and stretched out. The gray sofa with the same color and floor as the "disappear" makes the living room more spacious. It is a small desk with a very simple design with cloth cover like Brocade. In general, the entire room uses a cool color scheme.

Place the chair on one side, facing the window to take advantage of the light source and cool breeze from the outside. Special feature in this villa is the living room and adjacent dining room together in a unified whole. From the outside, you will see the first living room and then the kitchen, eating.

phong sinh hoat chung mau biet thu dep co phuong trinh

phong sinh hoat chung mau biet thu dep co phuong trinh bt 114

Upstairs there is an extra living room. With a simple interior layout and selection, a long gray sofa set in harmony with the ground-topped table looks very delicate and elegant. Install a bookcase and supplies. Besides the air conditioning system, there is also attached a ceiling fan for home use as per your preference. For the convenience of living guests, even in the room the architect designed a restroom hidden in the pathway.

phong giai tri mau biet thu dep co phuong trinh

Inside the dining area, the dining table is set with a set of light wood furniture with a very charming pattern. Fitted with a layer of high-grade felt plus pillows with a simple patterned pattern but contributing to make the chair more formal and comfortable. Tea table is narrow in width, pull out the length to create a pretty impressive, pretty enough to put enough water glasses, a plate of fruit to warm up living space. more cheerful. The two sides are the furniture cabinet shelves needed in the room.

The open space for the design turns to the garden with beautiful views as to attract nature into the house becomes more romantic and romantic. The kitchen is placed vertically in the house next to the wall to save space to make room for a spacious walkway that helps housewives move and cook most easily.

phong ngu mau biet thu hien dai co phuong trinh

Stylish, modern style is reflected in the compact design of the bed, shelves, cabinets, dressing table with many features to bring comfort and comfort to the owner. Simplify (remove selectively) what is not necessary, and the soft color combination, will help cool the eyes are not glitzy. Do not fancy brilliant colors or the fancy, ostentatious, architects have turned to bedroom design style is really simple but still bold new, unique and delicate. However, the room is not missing the highlight with the shelf in the bed to help make room more prominent.

phong bep mau biet thu dep co phuong trinh

There is a separate space for washing dishes, fruits are very spacious and spacious to serve the needs and activities of homeowners. For parties or celebrations, eating at home, the need for a large space for cooking, early processing of food is very necessary. So the architects arranged a room like this.

phong an mau biet thu dep co phuong trinh

Sometimes simple is best. The minimalistic dining room layout will provide everything you need and eliminate anything that does not matter. Especially with a small area of villas, it is necessary to subdue the minor details.

Smooth walls in the dining room for the decorator of a display shelf with plenty of space for the owner to decorate the pictures of the family or countryside landscape contributes to the room space. Eating with more beautiful and lively look.

phong tam mau biet thu dep co phuong trinh

Bathrooms are also designed in a modern style. Floors are dark brown tiles to keep clean. The shower and washroom areas are separated by transparent glass so that the bathroom is dry. In addition, a porcelain bath is installed in the room, next to the shower so that the host has more options. Instead of hanging hangers, the architect arranged a cabinet with many shelves for home use. This makes the room much more compact. Every corner in the space is used to the maximum extent to bring comfort and comfort to users. Read more nha xinh dep viet nam 2018

ban cong mau biet thu dep co phuong trinh

On the upper floor, the corridor is designed quite airy. Rail around transparent glass and concrete wall. The system of pulling glass doors pulled out quite large, making the room more spacious. Homeowners can go to the corridor standing in the dark every evening or can go up here watching the sunset or dawn, watching all the activities of the whole city to relieve stress in the brain is nothing more than that. half. This style of design will help the house space becomes more comfortable.


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Modern Garden Villa Ms. Thuy

Modern Garden Villa Ms. Thuy Viet Nam

This modern garden villa is ideal for Thuy's family. With a large area of land plus a high aesthetic, she come to our  Nha Xinh company with hope design a unique and delicate garden villa. Sometime many years of experience in designing beautiful houses, Nha Xinh Company has designed and built villas that make the owner extremely happy.

biet thu vuon hien dai, biet thu dep

Starting from the busy reality of Saigon, the time budget for too much work is rarely available, Mrs Thuy wants to build a garden villa that is both a place of rest and relaxation for the holidays weekend. Therefore the homeowner wants to design an integrated home according to her needs.

thiet ke san vuon, biet thu vuon, nha xinh

Looking at the overall garden villas as an ideal resort resort. Surrounding the house is a fresh garden: swimming pool, landscaping, corridor, trees, flowers ... so that the owner can walk around the campus. It would be great if you could live in a house like this. Taking advantage of the vast expanse of land, architects thoroughly exploited this strength to allocate garden and interior space. home in a balanced way. The harmony between inside and outside is the beauty of this villa. The gaps are calculated in great detail to create airiness. read more thiet ke nha dep viet nam

khung canh san vuon biet thu, thiet ke biet thu

Standing on the upper floor looking down, you will observe the entire setting of this modern villa is quite spacious and airy. A deep depth as stretched out along the width of the garden. A cloud of heaven with green campus, outside the yard is arranged a set of small furniture so that homeowners can sit cool, relax.

thiet ke san vuon dep, biet thu, kien truc biet thu

Entering the house we will encounter a beautiful garden with grassy green as the background, not to pave the brick. The difference in this house is brick, stone is only used as a passage and the yard is still grass. Unwilling to use artificial materials, homeowners want the garden yard to be covered with grass to look more natural. Next to the large swimming pool built in the shape of a folding, rim around the house. On the lake, there is a pathway for the owner to "travel" around the area. Each cluster of trees is planted in clusters to help cool the outdoor atmosphere. The garden is more beautiful when it is painted some fresh flowers.

noi that phong khach dep, biet thu vuon, nha xinh

The space is spacious and flooded with light as a source of endless energy thanks to the wide open window system. Entering the house is to the living room. Due to the open space, architects arranged two sets of tables to accommodate the needs of the work to be accommodated and to fill in the extra space for the extra room. symmetrical. One side can sit discuss, exchange work, one side to eat together lightly. Floors, ceilings, walls and even stairs are used for high-end wood. Wooden spiral staircase twists around as it creates more depth and thrills for the room.

phong bep dep, biet thu dep, nha xinh

thiet ke phong bep, noi that bep, nha xinh

The living room is the kitchen area. Furniture in the kitchen is also carefully selected with high-end items. The ceiling installed three chandeliers with 3 yellow, blue, red color as the beauty of the room. The table is placed in the middle, around the cabinets, shelves contain the necessary items. On the table, decorated with a flowerpot. Next to the sink is a glass window to complement the room. Everything is scientific, rational and balanced with the overall layout of the whole house.

thiet ke phong tam biet thu, biet thu vuon, nha xinh

At the end of the house is a small room, with a white porcelain basin. The floor is still solid wood. Almost all the equipment and objects in this garden villa are used for furniture made of wood. The transparent glass door brings sunlight into the room. In general, this modern garden villa complex is a harmonious and harmonious unified body. What's more fun, you live in a house so wonderful.


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Template Modern House in Phu My Hung, Ditrict 7, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

Template Modern House in Phu My Hung, Ditrict 7, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

Townhouse building model is no stranger to investors today. According to the survey, the factor used to live only accounted for 30 Percent, the rest is the aesthetic factor, it is the core problem that the head. Let's take a tour of the entire modern townhouse in Phu My Hung.

mat tien hiendai 124

Raised on very high walls with solid and concrete slabs, the architecture design deep inward, exiting the house use with a very spacious patio used for car garage, the remaining The architect has integrated the landscape of green trees into the interior, contributing to make the house more beautiful.

Located on a flat land, favorable enough full length, wide, shallow depths helped the architects design the house is a standard home. The ground floor is used for reception, cooking, the rest is the rest area. The second floor is built out to the balcony, where the owner can relax, watching the city take care of the greenery, flowers that the owner planted around. The light from the ceiling lights, wall lights, meeting room shimmering, brilliant for the whole block of modern architecture. Go deep inside to visit again.

thiet ke phong khach go pmh 124

After many direct encounters with the owner, the architect can understand the wishes expressed as well as the aesthetic taste of the owner helping to plan the design of a home. The fastest way without leaving any conflict between the two sides. This homeowner is a young man who loves simplicity and simplicity, does not like excessive fanfare, so wood and white walls are almost as dominant in the whole. Harmony creates a very gentle, relaxed atmosphere, moreover it is very warm. As we have seen everything here is very humble, nothing special and too prominent but also architects care is quite thorough and detailed to create a unified realism is correct. read more template beautifull house: https://nhaxinhcenter.com.vn/

Living room space is designed to look very simple, referring to the living room, the sofa set will hit our eyes first. The leather is very soft and comfortable very feel cool, squarely in the shape of the letter L that fits well with the designated area. The high-tea glass table contrasts perfectly with the chair so that from a distance it can completely disappear, leaving room for more room. Brocade carpet flooring with patterned patterns are interwoven together, it is smart to decorate the room more beautiful. Long wooden cabinet along the wall acts as a static display shelves that the homeowners collect and are constantly increasing the attractiveness of visitors. Replace your ordinary TV with an impressive, beautifully styled paintbrush. Do not use modern ceiling lights or chandeliers, but a floor light, although small, but also glowing light distribution throughout the room is also very subtle.

noi that go phong an nha phu my hung 124

thiet ke bep nha phu my hung 124

The kitchen hall is the place to keep the fire of the family happy, following the general motif dividing from top to bottom, the color of the walls and wood floor still hold that task. The furnishings are very modern decorating the dining room is warm by the presence of three light bulbs eaten in the middle of the table. As a lover of simplicity, only wood, bamboo and rattan are the most suitable, hopefully with the furniture that designed by Nha Xinh company will make the home feel. Simple, friendly and warm. The long dining table in the middle of the room combined with the chairs around, designed quite fancy and stylish young, with soft curves, graceful legs and feet, arousing Viewers relate to the ancient dining set. Very true what the landlord is looking for and moving forward. The long logs will keep the dining room and kitchen intact, ensuring the space between the spaces. Simple but simple as the decoration of a red painting on the wall immediately the room has a strong point immediately.

Kitchen area is designed in modern style, apply the walls for the furniture, kitchen equipment to save space for the room. The kitchen cabinets "tidy" with the overall creation of luxury, fresh and pleasant air, comfortable for home cooking. Traditional Vietnamese kitchen.

goc lam viec trong nha phu my hung 124

thiet ke phong ngu nha pho phu my hung 124

The bedroom is very simple, light enough to make the room light and warm so the host can easily take a nap. All They are neatly arranged and reasonably simple, but not sloppy, sketchy, each interior blooming harmonious combination creates a space quiet and peaceful. The sleek bed is designed for mounting walls and shelves together, so that the owner can easily use it, such as a picture or some three novels. Direction to the bedroom so every corner edge is taken care of in detail, even the smallest corner. The right wall of the bed has been replaced by a large glass door, so that the light and beautiful views from the garden are engulfed in beautifully adorned for a more attractive and attractive home. At night, if you want to keep the air private, curtain shading in the corner will help you, just comfortable but very simple.

Working corner is placed in the interior, avoiding the noise or other interior distraction, distracting so the results do not work effectively. With small glass windows that look out over the garden, and ensuring a good light source for later vision, the desk is positioned to the wall in a very scientific and effective way. Tables and bookshelves are smooth natural wood, sprayed on a glossy paint to distinguish the floor and the surrounding furniture, the umbrella is very clear to display books, items needed. It is best to work for the process. The multi-purpose seat has a 360-degree swivel, and the high-grade mesh-like office chair helps to keep the body comfortable, avoiding back pain in the sitting position, which is a great choice. well suited.

phong khach dep nha phu my hung 124

The living room of the family is designed to look more spacious than the living room, taking delicate colors as the key to the design. White wall is free, avoid the boring, simple painting this colorful will give you a dynamic look happy immediately. Under the dark wood floor with pure white concrete walls as the foundation for the interior expresses its power and beauty. All the way to the fresh nature outside, so things in the room are fair to receive the same light and cool wind. The carpet ash colored dust on the floor, just high aesthetic value but also increased warmth for the room. Because of the rustic wooden floor, the carpet must be dull, patchy patches of new time appropriate. If you put the flower carpet on it will see immediately and discrete. The set of chocolate brown sofa is sweet, intimate, in the middle is the tea table is designed very simple, long and wide on which the book, glass of water, fruit plate is also very comfortable. roof. Opposite is a display shelves that are deep in the interior, like hiding the space left as a walkway, inside the homeowner can also comfortably store other equipment is also very tidy for the room .

phong tam gia dinh hien dai phu my hung 124

This is the toilet area that has completely changed the face of the new white with the master of the whole. Entering the room you will find a very cool, fresh feeling, dispel the anxiety contained in the heart. Utilizing the two sides of the wall to place bathroom furniture, this design clearly shows the ingenuity of designing these narrow bathrooms. Lavabo long on the pedestal with stainless steel shiny lock has increased the luxury of folding times. White porcelain bases opposite, on the long mirror, in addition to light, it also has the function of increasing the room. All room furniture is imported from the most famous TOTO maker on the market today, promising to bring comfort and luxury to your family.

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Beautiful Townhouse 4 floor samples

Template Beautiful Townhouse 4 floor of Mrs Nghi, Binh Tan Ditrict, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

The beautiful four-storey house of Mrs. Nghi in Binh Tan district has received the praise and appreciation of style modern, luxurious beauty. Meet the desire from customers, the architect of Nha Xinh company we spent time to invest, design this beautiful house and home owners feel quite satisfied.

mau nha pho dep 4 tang, mau nha pho

The total area of the house is 1 ground floor and 3 floors are designed in the style of modern houses. Since the space is not extensive, it is essential to use the space above to build a high floor. On the first floor, the architects backfired a small space for safe and comfortable parking. Covered the house by a pure white. This is one of the modern tones that are on the throne and are loved by the gentlemen, courtesy but still no less luxurious.

phong khach noi that nha dep, trang trí noi that

phong khach mau nha pho dep, noi that nha xinh

The living room is simply designed. For small house designs, it is very important to arrange furniture and design, wall construction. Sometimes modifying the details cumbersome, removing unnecessary items will make the house more airy. And color plays a part in creating a small space. With lighter tones color: white, gray, brown ... with gentle and calm style will help everything in the house in harmony, balance with the overall layout. read more mau thiet ke nha ong dep on nha xinh center.

The same gray sofa set with background color and wall paper does not overwhelm the space of the room. Opposite is a wooden cabinet carved with simple motifs, but elaborate, fine. Stairs leading up the floors are designed to embrace the walls to reduce the area.

mau ban an, kien truc nha pho, noi that nha dep

nha bep nha pho dep, mau noi that

Because the space is small, architects of Nha xinh company have arranged the system of glass doors instead of building too many concrete walls to make the room more airy. At the same time make use of the natural light from the outside to shine to the house is always filled with light energy. The kitchen is designed in the shape of L. The kitchen sink, the kitchen is located near each other, the top has a shelf with small shelves so that the homeowners can contain the necessary supplies for work. Kitchen. Dining table is also small size wood, arranged between the house. This is where the members gather together for a family meal.

cau thang nha pho dep, noi that dep

The folding stairs are neatly folded inside the corner. In the space of this house, glass and ceramic tiles are used in a variety of areas and overall space. Handrail is transparent glass and stairs are white brick tiles with black lines to make architectural highlights for the house.

phong ngu nha pho dep 4 tang, mau noi that dep

phong ngu nha pho dep 4 tang, trang tri noi that

Bedroom landlord is pretty simple and casual. It was a bed made of wood in the middle of the room and next to the dressing table of the owner. But because it is small full to accommodate, meet and serve the needs of homeowners. read more mau nha xinh

phong ngu con gai nha pho dep, mau noi that dep

noi that phong ngu con gai nha pho dep, noi that dep

The baby's room looks more youthful, fresh and lively. With bright colors and highlights such as green, pink, orange ... along with the shape cute, cute as a corner entertainment, children's entertainment. The shelf is designed to fit the psychology and age of the baby. Most children love the bright and bright.


phong tam nha pho dep 4 tang, noi that nha xinh

The bathroom is designed in a modern style and luxury. The interior of the room is made of high-grade porcelain, the floor and floors are dark-brown with ceramic tile to keep the space clean and dry.

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Interior Design Beautiful Villa Castle

Interior Design Beautiful Villa Castle Mrs Kim Anh, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

The theme of a house is in the form of "soul" and the spirit is expressed through the content. Therefore, the interior design of villas and decoration is extremely important. So how to shape a living space that meets the aesthetics and comfort?

thiet ke noi that dep biet thu lau dai

noi that phong khach dep, noi that co dien

noi that co dien phong khach, noi that biet thu

Interior design style villa classic, so everything is very elaborate, gaudy and splendid. Nothing makes more prominent the living room is the sofa senior with red velvet cushion expressed high nobles to put right in the center of the lobby. Bar gold frame chair with curved lines make up the link and sync with the more furniture in the room. Talking to the classic interior style, it must be a high-class, royal family. Gold is the color of the best rights. Applying this to design, architects have painted a magnificent space in accordance with the requirements of the owner. read more nha xinh center

quay bar noi that co dien phap, thiet ke noi that



A bar nestled in the corner of the house is very delicate, not only the place to prepare brewing guests, but also contribute to the decor of this area more impressive in the eyes. A vines vegetation on the ceilings increases the artistic and poetic taste. The staircase leading up to the 1st floor has soft curved handrails, decorated with iron flower art and large table lamp with unique and new design providing light for this space.

noi that co dien phap nha bep, mau thiet ke noi that dep

phong an, noi that co dien, noi that biet thu

The kitchen and dining room are separated by beautifully patterned concrete walls. Kitchen in classic style with many beautiful interior design, impressive. The equipment and furniture in this hut are exclusive and exclusive design items, rare in the market. According to the requirements of the owner, everything must be thoughtful, perfect in both form and content meaning to be beautiful and quality. Besides, light also contributes to the shaping of space, sparkle, more level. read more: Design house beautiful combination

noi that co dien phong khach phu, noi that biet thu

mau noi that phong khach phu, mau thiet ke noi that

An extra room inside the main living room. Because in other needs of the owner to many architects add a room layout more to serve the needs of the owner. The opposition of two colored sofa inside and out to make a difference to erase the boring, tedious. Red color outside how much eye-catching green color jade nobles inside the attraction much. All converge and create an extremely impressive space.



mau noi that co dien phap phong ngu, mau noi that

noi that phong ngu dep, thiet ke noi that

noi that co dien phong ngu khach, noi that dep

thiet ke noi that phong ngu khach, trang tri noi that



Impressive and comfortable bedrooms. Besides the beauty factor, the pragmatism has never been forgotten. The design of the room is sharp and the art in every detail, the refined lines, definitely make the whole room luxury and class represents the aesthetic taste of homeowners. The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom and this is also the hallmark of the bedroom. Placed in the middle of the room next to the window to cleverly take the light into the interior of the room becomes more alive. Door curtains with high quality fabrics and artistic color combinations, special.

Surrounding wall elaborately elaborated with gold-plated lines running throughout to create the synchronism and link. The TV is directly on the wall, the corner is on one side and the other area is set up as a study corner. On demand, everything is ready to serve the needs of the user. read more mau thiet ke biet thu dep


noi that co dien phong master, mau thiet ke noi that

noi that phong master dep, noi that co dien


thiet ke noi that phong master, thiet ke noi that dep




Second bedroom with different styles and colors. The floor of the modern industrial wood, curtains have different colors in accordance with the main color of the room. Each corner is well-known classic style. On the ceiling, the classic European copper-plated light bulb in addition to the light source is also beautifully decorated. Mirrors, shelf cabinets and other items, apart from the differences, are always selected in the same way to create a connection, avoid the feeling of discrete.

noi that sanh biet thu, noi that co dien phap


thiet ke noi that sanh co dien, noi that dep

thiet ke nha, mau nha xinh, noi that nha dep

The lobby area is large and airy with open space. Light and elegant white tile flooring is bright and elegant as background for the surrounding motifs more prominently. Make room for the yellow color to show the shine and sparkle, you will really surprise and dazzle before the beauty of reverie, regal.

The wall is divided into blocks, squares and runs around the edges, highlighting and embellishing the same oil paintings as a museum of art. According to the wishes of the owner, the architect arranged in that sofa set size is compact but still very sophisticated and sophisticated. Each space is a different lamp design as it leads you from surprise to surprise in front of the beauty and diversity of beautiful villa.

ho boi noi that co dien, noi that biet thu

Extremely luxurious furniture, eye sucking and impressive exterior, easily conquered the hard guests. This is the biggest success is the architect team of Nha Xinh company spent much time investing in research, creative finishing. Deserved worth the effort poured out a perfect architectural products in terms of content form.

A beautiful and impressive front yard with wide bend swimming pool, surrounded by green grass, trees and flowers to decorate the beauty. Building an indoor swimming pool helps keep the air cool, soothing is one of the effective sunscreen. Trees are planted around to bring beautiful natural scenery and a source of fun for everyone. Maximizing the need for relaxation and relaxation of homeowners, architects built a small corner with a ceiling, concrete pillow rain cover and arranged in that rattan chairs with a simple but delicate design to the Members sit here or look cool overlooking the surroundings of the villa.


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Interior Design Beautiful Modern Villa

Interior Design Beautiful Modern Villa ditrict 7, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

An ideal living space must always come with beautiful and comfortable interior design. So how do you know how to decorate your house really impressive and clever yet? If you want to refer to the layout and design of modern villa interior, let's take a look at the article later.

mau noi that dep biet thu hien dai

noi that dep phong khach, thiet ke noi that

Spacious living room and spacious will be an advantage to easily decorate interior design without fear of restriction. With high white walls, ash floor tiles as courteous as well as rustic furniture with modern furniture has the shape, simple but delicate design has contributed to the elegance and elegance of the room. this is Wooden table set for reception guests located in the center of the living room, next to the large glass door to take advantage of natural light into the room. With a traditional design but elegant and polite. The lines and motifs are boldly elaborated, elaborate.

The opposite wall is quite beautifully decorated. The focus of the room is concentrated at this location. White shelf with long wooden frame for TV and square shelf, the sound directly on the wall is divided into different squares display decoration. The new stylized wall by using multi-walled sandstone and 3d wall tiles improves the interior level of the beautiful home. read more dịch vụ thiết kế nhà đẹp

thiet ke noi that nha bep, trang tri noi that

mau ban an, noi that biet thu, noi that nha xinh

The kitchen is located near the dining area. Simple and modern L-shaped design. White color is never outdated and show modern style is very reasonable to help white space bright and more elegant. Complement the main color of the kitchen with floor and floor, the interior with many different colors highlights the kitchen more fresh and lively. In addition to that, a kitchen counter serves as a bar for home use and has a bookcase. Housewives can read the cookbook while cooking food. Three chandeliers drop the glass cup face with beautiful model not only for lighting but also decorate the room more beautiful.

Dining table is located near the window to take advantage of the natural sun and wind. Through the glass window, the homeowners and family members can both eat and watch the outside of the home. Glass effect of light transmission through space and sound, heat resistance but still ensure a high aesthetic. Small area but great inspiration contributed to the design of simple dining room space that ideal. Do not delimit the area with a partition, with the rug under the dining table is the appropriate partition to save space. The long white table combined with the wooden chair cushion stand out quite simple, rustic help members eat more delicious.

noi that dep phong master, mau thiet ke noi that

Decorated modern interior designs with youthful style, fresh and full of personality, showing the high aesthetic taste of the owner. Gentle colors are easy to gaze people see and get sympathy because it gives you a friendly, close and natural space but no less subtle. Floors of industrial wood with modern designs and colors, white cabinets with unique wood trim. Some of the more refined, elegant blue denim. Remove the monotonous, sad and rough feel of the concrete wall by styling the vertical and cocoa colored durations, milky coffee, blending alternately with fine art. Small working corner is placed next to the glass door, dark ash sofa set close to the edge of the wall.

phong lam viec noi that biet thu, mau noi that dep

Angle of work is simple. The wooden desk has a stylish design, suitable for the home owner to work most comfortably. Bookcases are placed directly on the wall to separate the small boxes to sort and find documents easier. In addition to books, you can still display your favorite decorations in these boxes to make the room more beautiful. read more cong ty xay dung nha dep

noi that dep phong ngu ong ba, thiet ke noi that

tu quan ao thiet ke noi that dep, trang tri noi that

A fully integrated and comfortable space with modern, logical furniture layout. A corner of work near the window. The desk at the same time as the L-shaped makeup corner is separated at the boundary line. To serve the work more efficiently, at the request of the architects have arranged a shelf with multiple boxes to help distinguish the type of books and documents. As a small library, homeowners can find what they need to read and see here. In addition, the room also arranged a separate wardrobe for hanging clothes and underneath to shoes are very convenient, neat.





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Let's take a look at the modern European style villa of miss Hue. Miss Hue is a model followers of modern European style, one of the concepts mentioned many times in the past. It is also one of the requirements of families looking for a comfortable and comfortable living space. read more: dich vu thiet ke nha


In general, the house is up with a look not so beautiful, as beautiful as other modern villas, like a little something really familiar, looking at you does not feel heavy hard, hard, that is the result of the success of our team of architects.

Surrounded by white concrete fence walls, there are many openings, so that your house looks spacious and spacious, but still ensures the safety of the entire house. The personal impression of each person in the space is reflected in the interior layout, space structure, overall color, so as to show the most clearly the personality and preferences of the person. To be successful in this job, the designer must be really subtle, listened to, understood and grasped the spirit as well as the desire of the owner. read more: https://nhaxinhcenter.com.vn/kien-truc-nha-dep-xinh-viet-nam.html

The spacious yard is used for the owner of the means of transportation, one side of the courtyard is home grown quite a lot of trees, prominent with old phoenix trees past the branches filled with red phoenix flowers. For your garden garden more brilliant, fresh and beautiful. Decorated in a soft white color, modern interiors of glass, carpets, ceiling lights along with ten-hour flowers were planted on the balconies, all contributing to the creation of a residential space. extremely lively. Looking at the leaves of deciduous trees in front of the house, combining with sparrows to fly, looking like the scene of harvest and winter, to help people living here feel very comfortable, pleasant and peaceful to strange. often.

This house is designed by the architects to be a ground floor 2 floors. The feature that we see in this residential building is that there is a large roof with deep eaves to protect the house from the heat of the summer and avoid rain. The roof is sloped downwards so that rainwater can escape easily.

European style garden designs are becoming increasingly popular. If you want to find the feeling of peace, airiness and nature, then look for these garden style, and you will directly feel the very right in the home. There are quite a lot of European style villas are no less unique, please visit our website.

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